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Simultaneous Interpreting

Using special equipment (separate booth for the interpreter, voice communication system, headphones for participants), the interpreter interprets what a person is saying at the same time as he or she is speaking. Our simultaneous interpreters operate at international conferences, seminars, congresses, and so on.

The main advantage of simultaneous interpreting is the time it saves, as the speaker does not need to make pauses for the interpreter and can deliver his speech in a usual tempo. In addition, the speaker can keep the attention of the audience, feel the mood and reaction of the listeners, and react to them accordingly. Thus, for example, simultaneous interpreting helps to avoid those situations when the listeners, who know the speaker’s language, react quicker than those who do not understand.

The simultaneous interpreter needs to learn the materials to be interpreted in advance. Unlike ordinary, consecutive interpreting, the simultaneous interpreter does not have the chance to ask the speaker again or to think over a difficult phrase; therefore an acquaintance with the materials of the speech will help to exclude any misunderstandings or omissions.

Usually at least two interpreters are engaged in simultaneous interpretation – they will step in for each other every 20-30 minutes as one interpreter cannot physically interpret for the duration of the entire event.

Ideal venues for events with many participants are large conference halls that have special equipment for simultaneous interpreting installed. If such a system is not available at your conference hall we are ready to provide it for your event.

We have a team of qualified and experienced simultaneous interpreters with the best track records and who meet the highest international standards.

Terms and conditions for simultaneous interpreting services.