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Rates and Conditions for Consecutive (Ordinary) Interpreting

Language Negotiations, installation of the equipment, workshop, tour guiding,
Euro (per hour/day, incl. VAT)
Conference, presentation etc.,
(per hour/day,
incl. VAT)
English, German, French, Spanish, Italian 40/200 50/220
Chinese, Vietnamese 40/200 50/220
Japanese, Korean 45/210 55/225
Other languages On request

The basic units for cost calculation are hours or working days.

  • minimum order is 3 hours
  • an order for one working day means that the interpreter works 8 hours 30 minutes within one day. Should you need an interpreter for a longer period of time, an additional rate for each hour over 8 hours is applied in accordance with the hourly rate specified above
  • the working time shall be considered the time when the interpreter is present at the customer’s premises, regardless of his or her actual execution of the work
  • should you need an interpreter outside the MKAD Moscow orbital highway, the average commuting time from Moscow to this place shall be paid as working time and be included in the order calculation


Urgent order (the order is received by us after 5 pm Moscow time, and the interpreter is requested for the next day) 25%
Express (you need an interpreter on the day of ordering) 50%

If you submit a request 5 days before your event, we ensure we can provide you with a qualified interpreter in accordance with your requirements in one of the common European and oriental languages.